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I've used VW for a while now, but never really worked in 3D much. However, in a tutorial, I tried applying a texture to different shapes and objects with no luck.

Here is what I've done (in both open GL and Renderworks views).

1. First, I tried selecting a 3D generic object, and then dragged/dropped the desired texture from my resource browser (a VW supplied texture). Nothing happens.

2. Second, I tried selecting the object, and then right-clicking on the texture and selecting "apply" - and still nothing.

I've watched tutorials on this and I have no idea what I could be doing wrong, as this seems so basic.

Thanks for help.

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Just to follow-up, I just noticed that the resources are in "images"...but I found them in the "image fills" section of the VW library. They look just like a texture, so I guess that must be what I am doing wrong.

I'll look for textures to see if that is my problem.

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