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Wall Fill Direction

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I may have been doing this wrong for some time now.

ie. A wall drawn at 180º with an set of assembly hatches drawn at 90º will not look the same if the wall is now drawn at 90º or 45º. I have been making custom hatches and multiple wall types

Is there a way to have the hatch of a wall type align to the direction of a wall?

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As far as I know, you can't make the hatch 'automatically' rotate in objects other than walls, but you CAN select the object and use the Attribute Mapping tool to rotate the orientation of the hatch within the rectangle.

Notice that the name of the hatch in the Attributes Palette then displays in blue, indicating it's using local mapping. You can also edit the mapping of the hatch by click on the three dots next to the hatch selection.

Hope this helps!

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