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OSX.2.4 Right-click craps out in VW (953) only

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Disk permissions have been fixed, Logitech's latest driver has been installed.

A fellow user has reported the following.

The right-click functionality of the mouse becomes disabled in VW only, after several usages. It still works in Finder and other applications, and is restored after some manual cmd-C and cmd-V commands, but restored for only 4 or 5 usages before it craps out again.


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System restart: yes.

User logout-login: yes.

VW restart: I'll have to check. Cmd-tab fixed it too well...

A dozen manual cmd-c's and cmd-v's fixes it for a short bit.

I, personally, never use my right button in VW; a new staff member pointed it out and I've been able to reproduce it.

I found that three times in a row, a first right click did nothing, but the second one worked.

Then, it did nothing. A ctrl-leftclick shows the popup with all four edit options (cut, etc.) greyed out.

Cmd-tabbing out of -- to type this in Safari -- and back into VW restores the function.

Left click to select an object. Then right click without moving the mouse first.

Leftclick -> movethemouse -> Rightclick : your right click works.

Leftclick -> DON'Tmovethemouse -> Rightclick : right click stops is disabled for one click.

Reason: the first right click cancels the snap (cursor hint) tag. Unintended feature?

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