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Counting symbols


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If you're a Mac user I think you can do the following for a work around that counts large areas of symbols or any other objects in a layer for that matter. Make sure that the symbols are all in their own layer, set layer view to Active Only, then go to the Apple icon (upper left hand corner) and click on "About Vectorworks". The Vectorworks/Landmark info window comes up and gives you "Number of Objects in Layer" as well as "Number of Objects in Drawing". Give it a shot.

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That's why I used the qualifier "If you have a consistent record attached to your plant symbols" in the previous post. Use the Create Report command with the "Objects with a Record" option selected. Then you can return all the objects in your drawing with your Plant record attached.

If you want to count planting beds separately, you'll need to assign the plants in the beds each to their own class, e.g. pBed1, pBed2, etc, and create a series of separate database reports, each of which returns only the members of that class. This, however, you cannot do with the 'Create Report' command which is useful for simple reports only. You'll need to create a custom database report. See the VW9 User's Guide, chapter 16, particularly the section on database worksheets starting on 16-13.

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