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worksheet criteria for exterior door schedule


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I am trying to create separate door schedules for interior and exterior doors, but I am having trouble with the criteria settings to get the worksheet to function properly.

The criteria I have currently looks something like this:

Layer is 0-Basement

Record Door is present

Field Value On Schedule = TRUE

Field Value Location = EXTERIOR

It seems that the last piece of criteria is not being used. No matter what I type in for the Location field, it will not cull out the doors that say "interior"

Am I missing something, or should they be in a different order?

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I think this is a problem with the GUI in the database criteria.

The worksheet interprets your criteria like this:

Layer is 0-Basement


Record Door is present


(Field Value On Schedule = TRUE OR Field Value Location = EXTERIOR)

It only needs one field value to be true.

There's no way in the Edit Criteria dialog box to choose if you want both field values or either one.

The way to fix it is to get to that Edit Criteria… dialog box.

Click Cancel.

Look in the formula bar. It will say something like = DATABASE(…

Look for the part that says

(('Door'.'OnSched'=TRUE) | ('Door'.'Location'='Interior'))))

Change the '|' to '&'

[in logic speak, '|' (called a pipe) = OR and '&' (ampersand) = AND]

That will force the database criteria to select doors that have BOTH 'on schedule' and Interior

Keep an eye on it. I haven't kept track of what future changes in the database criteria will cause it to revert back to '|'. But it can happen.



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