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Free Form Truss Using Marionette

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The 3 attached files demonstrate using Marionette to generate a roof truss from a guide curve.

- Truss Network.vwx : This file contains a network that uses a named curve and some dimensional input parameters to produce truss geometry as extrudes on the layer plane.

- Truss Node.vwx : This file wraps the truss network from the first file and uses it within another network. This network takes a freeform NURBS surface, slices it into a series of curves using the contour node, and generates a truss from each curve.

- Truss Object.vwx : This file demonstrates the truss network wrapped and converted to an object. You can change the parameters in the OIP or reshape using the reshape tool.

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Thanks for sharing this

Good Example to learn about creating lists and combining them in the right sequence for creating new objects.

We can combine this truss wrapper with every NURBS curve we want. As example with NURBS created in the tutorial example.

And it works. Up to some minor incompatibility between tutorial NURBS and NURBS which can be offsetted by this truss wrapper. Also some "closed" NURBS curves errors the list sequence of the truss node.

But it shows impressively how easy we can combine "simple" nodes to more and more complex networks.

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WOW! I am sooooo trying to wrap my brain around this one. I am desperately trying to complete my design thesis project right now and using Vectorworks. A major element of my design rests on a series of triangular section curved trusses that span over 100 ft and terminate at the ground at each end.

Using Vectorworks Curved Truss tool is completely ineffective and frustrating, giving me little to no graphical control as well as the OIP providing limited controllability for what I need. Trusses have far more use in architecture than lighting design.

I would love to better understand how to use the Truss downloads provided and hope there is a workflow to them that will help me create what I need.

If anyone can better guide me on this, I can definitely use the help.



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That's So Cool, this is a perfect example of taking a simple idea and using it to your own purpose. Its being able to know how to use all the parts of the program and then you have all the tools at your disposal to develop your ideas.

More tutorials just like that one Sarah and Marissa 2 please.

It gets our minds thinking.


Nice one

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