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Mark Flamer

Use Marionette to access the internet from VW

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The attached file demonstrates the use of Marionette to access the internet and import an image from Google Maps. The map location and orientation are based on the setings in the Heliodon object.

Edited by Mark Flamer P.E.

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What a great invention.

Thank-you Mark.

I can see expanding this tool to bring the map into VWs at scale, and increasing the the size of the map via getting multiple snapshots 'and stitching' to complete a larger area with a lat/long offset.

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Glad you both like it. We had a great intern here over the summer who contributed alot to Marionette. His final project was a network that leveraged some external Python libraries to download realtime weather data from the internet, create a Voronoi diagram from the data points and plot the result on a map of the earth. Here is a picture, I'll pull the .vwx files together soon and post them.

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Hi Mark,

where have you put the .vmx file?

Thank you Mark

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Sarah just demo'd the Google Maps network during Marionette Monday #4... Amazing.

Mark, have you posted the Vectorworks files for the weather map somewhere else in the forum?



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