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Simon Allan

Taper top of cylinder

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I can't figure out how to taper (angle) the top of a cylinder. Hopefully someone can help me out?

I started with a circle and then extruded it.

I then tapered it slightly so bottom surface is slightly smaller in diameter than the top surface.

All good so far...

But this is where it goes wrong..

I now need to angle the top surface at about 20 degrees leaving the rest of the object without any further deformation. (so if viewed from the side it would look like a wedge).

I have tried the Taper and Deform tool but I can't seem to make them work.

Is my approach to making this simple shape wrong?

Am I missing something obvious? :-)

Any help would be appreciated.

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Use subtract solids to remove a portion of your cylinder. Draw a polygon, sweep that, position the resulting shape over the top of your cylinder and use Model/Subtract Solids to get the cone shape you want on the top of the cylinder.

If I understand what you are looking for, that is.

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^ That, or use the Split tool in Line mode to slice at the point you want the tapering of the segment to start/stop at, then use the Slice tool to create the wedge, first using Push/Pull to extend the top to accommodate the slice.

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@ Mitch

Thanks for that. Worked a treat. Not sure why I did not think of that :-)


Thanks, but I can't even find the Split tool or Slice tool you mention.

Shame it is not as easy as it is in C4D...just grab the top surface and rotate it.

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Thats coming in 2016 for Subdivided Surfaces, I LOVE that interface from C4D.

Split tool is in the Basic palette, looks like a little scalpel. In the 2nd mode it can slide through 3D objects relative to the current view.

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