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Multileaders won't import correctly

Andy Fritsch


I'm having issues importing DWGs with multileaders. After import, the text either appears ridiculously small and formatted weirdly or doesn't appear at all. The issue seems to be independent of import scale. I also can't seem to find any options in the Import DWG dialog box that either has or would affect how they import.

Anyone else have this issue? Are multileaders just something that Vectorworks can't handle?

AutoCAD 2014 or 2015 and Vectorworks 2015 with Mac OS X 10.10.4


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It works fine with the test file I just tried.

What I did notice is that it sets the font size to the text height in units, e.g. if units is mm or m and the text height is e.g. 8 in both cases (8mm or 8m) it imports in both cases as 8 pt text size into Vectorworks.

It could be that the multileader is annotative and perhaps this might mess with the Vectorworks import in some way depending on the settings.

Do you have a test file that has this problem for us to try out?

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I tried changing some of the multileaders to not be Annotative, which somewhat helps with the small text size. However, this doesn't help the small text on dimensions or the disappearing multileaders. It seems as though if a block is used in a multileader, then it just disappears completely.

I've uploaded a test file with examples of all of my aforementioned problems.

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Sorry for the delay in responding, got too busy in the past two weeks to spend time online.

I'm running into the same issues, though one multileader imported fine but the others had small text. It seems like there is some bug in Vectorworks with the multileaders or its implementation of the ODA library.

Vectorworks is using the ODA library for importing dwg files and another program also using the ODA library is displaying the multileaders properly while yet another program also using the ODA library does not display the multileaders at all upon import.

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