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problems exporting DWG/DXF

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I'm having problems exporting to DXF/DWG. My PowerBook G4 running OSX.2.4 & VW10.1 Spotlight hangs every time I try to export to DXF/DWG and I have to force quit the program. When it goes to the [save] dialog box, I also don't automatically get the .dxf or .dwg file extension, which is unusual. If I export the drawing to VW9, open it in VW9.5.3, it exports to DXF/DWG with no problems, and automatically adds the file extension.

Any ideas why I can't export in 10.1?

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If you select to export hatches, a folder is created with the name entered in the name field. If you look at the export dialog box, it says "folder".

A folder is needed since hatches are being exported. They are separate files and will be placed within the folder along with the dwg file. The dwg file will use whatever the name of working VW document is named. The extension is added to the end of the file name in this case.

If you do NOT choose to export hatches, the file exports as a dwg and will leave the dwg extension.

If you are exporting a file and it "hangs", it is probably still calculating the export. Some files take a long time to export, especially under VW 10 since the program now exports solids and hatches. These export processes are complex and can contribute to longer export times.

I've seen some files take over 45 minutes to export due to complexity.

If you do not have hatches, or do not want them to be exported, do not select export hatches in the export dialog box.

Likewise with 2d solid fille.

Removing these settings when they are not necessary for the export will aid in the export time.

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