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How to remove color tints from standard wall types in plan?

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I want to use the pre-loaded wall construction types in my plans, such as "Ext Bearing-2x6-Brick." Wood is these types is pale yellow, brick is pale red.

Is there any way of turning off the colors and saving the hatches to signify materials?


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I guess the larger question is 'How does one edit or customize the wall types for appearance?'

When I select a wall, the lines on the exterior of the wall, the 'profile' lines, are much heavier. I want all the lines to be very thin . . . like .03 mm. Right now the heavy 'profile' lines block out the finish (drywall) construction.

I'm looking for thin lines and no color fill, only pattern fill--like insulation and the diagonal hatch for brick, etc.

Again, thanks for any help.

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In the resource browser, right click on the wall type and choose Edit.

You will see all the components and you can edit their appearance there.

After doing this you will get the dialog box to replace wall types. If you didn't change any thicknesses of components, just make sure the same side or center of the walls are selected so your walls don't jump around.



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You may want to duplicate the styles and give them a new name and then edit that duplicate instead.

When you have them the way you like them, create a new VW file with your styles in it and store it in your user folder in the correct Defaults location. Then you will get your styles to show up as Default Content across all VW files. Ask again if you need help finding the correct location.

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