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Thresholds and door leaf scheduling

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Hi All

Just wondering if it's possible for the door leaf height to automatically take into account a threshold thickness when scheduled in a worksheet?

We have a 2110 structural opening. When a shim gap and frame are taken into account we get a door leaf of 2058. I'd then like to reduce this to 2040 [standard UK door height] by including an 18mm threshold.

Is this possible or do I need to resort to setting up a formula in the worksheet itself?


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I've always had the same problem. I have just ended up creating a custom field in the worksheets. Anyone who has not come across this problem is obviously not exporting their models for take-off and scheduling.

What is needed is the ability to create a custom gap at the head and base for "fitting" and a custom threshold / weather strip (if needed), or even better - allow for a carpet tolerance. We should be allowing at 15mm gap at the door base. Or even better having a tab in the door settings which allows there to be different shim gap for the jamb, cill and head.

I presume that you are using a standard metric door.

Internally (let's say a 826x2040 door).

If the door frame is 35mm thick you would normally have a 2mm gap between door and frame and a 5mm fitting tolerance giving a structural opening width of 910mm. For the lintel height above FFL you would again have a 2mm gap at the head, 15mm gap at the floor - this gives a module height of 2092 leaving 18mm shim gap at the head between the frame and lintel. If you have to use one of those stupid imperial doors - you just end up with a bigger gap at the head. The problem only arises though when you are building with masonry internal walls - if you're using timber kit, you can just adjust the lintel height to suit (2064mm AFL, rings a bell for lintel height).

Externally - you have to tie in with standard coursing and you end up with shim gaps which have to be filled either with timber packers or something else. The only way round this is by old fashioned large scale jamb / head and cill detailing

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Why not in your door schedule door height in the formulae just take off what you need. Then the result will be as desired.

You could place 1 cell with all the different gap and shim widths needed and you could change them and the whole spreadsheet would change.

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