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Accurately Positioning Curtain Wall Frame Member


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Hello All,

This has been annoying me for a while, I have a curtain wall system set up with lots of vertical frames. I now need to manually add some horizontal frames to allow for doors etc.

Using the double click to edit the curtain walling and the add frame tool how on Earth do I position the horizontal frame at the correct height?

Any tricks tips or methods would be gratefully received.

Thanks for your time

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Thanks Mitch, actually I was creating the panel right size first and then right clicking and inserting a door. Your way makes sense though for this situation.

Elsewhere I have found that I am either just adding a frame to break up some glazing or creating a hole within the curtain walling where I have no reference object. Any tips for those that sort of situation?

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POA, I am not sure I understand your two examples. Maybe I haven't had enough coffee yet this morning.

In the first, are you trying to add a mullion to a window object? Or adding a CW frame element to a larger CW wall? You can do the latter by editing the CW wall.

In the second, are you trying to create a void in a Curtain Wall object? You could remove mullion elements in the curtain wall but you would still have glazing in that location.

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More likely its me explaining things poorly!

So in the first example I would indeed be looking to edit the curtain wall (by double click the wall). I can then use the add frame tool to put an additional frame element (mullion if you like) in the larger curtain wall. My problem is I can't see a way I can accurately position this new element of frame. If, say, I would like it 2700mm above FFL how do I position it at that height when there are no references around?

In the second example I would edit the remaining glazing panel and change it to "open" but would still have the above problem in positioning the additional frame element.

Not sure if that makes things clearer or just more confusing :S.

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No, POA, that is much clearer.

And I can't help. The only thing I could suggest is to either dimension it after inserting, then moving as necessary back in the edit mode; or alternatively, input a 3d loci as a reference point, then in edit mode, add/move the element to match. Workarounds, both.

Maybe someone else has a better answer.

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Thank you for that, I hadn't noticed the coordinates down there. That seems to be a fairly effective method as long as you can be sure you are snapping to the right point. Definitely better than my previous methods.

Thanks again.

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