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(S-4) PAR Lamp rotation

Jeff B

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Is anyone else having trouble getting Source 4 PAR beams to rotate properly if they're focused and you "Draw Beam" in the OIP? Recently for me only the inner/smaller Beam Angle part of the beam is rotating, while the larger/outer Field Angle is staying put. This is with brand-fresh symbols imported from the VW Libraries.

The symbols *do* have the correct values entered into their Beam/Field Angles 1 & 2; in fact to force a 90° rotation I'm just flipping the "1"+"2" values for Field Angle, but that only works for 90° rotation, not different angles.

Not seeing any chat about this I have to believe I'm the odd man out here, but thought I'd send it out there.

Thanks for any help.

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No problem with the shameless plug, Josh, I'm a fan of your products.

As a shameless endorsement, may I say that Savvy Sequencer is one of the best things ever!



(the "other," or one of probably many other, potential "JBLD"s out there!)

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Hi Benjamin,

Focus points require the name of the FP object to match the data shown in Object Info. First, make sure you have the latest version of Savvy Sequencer, 1.0.3. In addition to selecting the "Name" field in data settings, check the option to "Copy data to Name field."

Note, this is a potentially confusing example, as the Focus Point has a data field called "Name," in addition to the name field provided for every Vectorworks object.

Lighting pipes and positions need a similar procedure.



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