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VW10 file crash in OSX 10.2.4 only

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We have a file which crashes in OSX 10.2.4 only:

Machines running 10.2.4 with VW10.0 OR VW10.1 -- crash.

Machines running 10.2.1, 10.2.2, or 10.2.3 with VW10.0 -- opens just fine.

The file has a lot of freehand tool work. Could this be the culprit?

As I mentioned on a similar topic, our office is very anal about all the machines running the same software configurations. Our users do not have admin privledges, so changes to the configuration have to be OKed by the techies.


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After updating to OS 10.2.4, did you happen to run First Aid to verify and fix permissions?

After updating to OS 10.2.4, all kinds of permissions are mixed up in the system.

Usually, after running the verify and fix permissions, crashing goes away.

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Per his request, I just sent the file to Paul Pharr and the bugsumbit. Since reading about fixing permissions on some websites, he have begun to run it on all our machines. The 10.2.4 machines that the file crashed on have all had their permissions fixed in the last week (because I did one myself over the weekend and another was wiped clean, updated, and fixed on Tuesday). So, looks like permissions ain't gonna do it here. It has fixed issues with other users' crahes, though!

I also dealt with a file this morning where the batt insulation (done using the b.a. tool) duplicated itself randomly all over a page when the file was first opened in VW10.1. The file was orginally drawn in VW9.5.2, converted to VW10 a few weeks ago, and the user was upgraded to VW10.1 yesterday. Any ideas?


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