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iPad Nomad Naming conventions

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i am having issues accessing my Dropbox files within Nomad to open files.

Somewhere within my dropbox there must be a file or folder that has unsupported characters. Its not the file i am trying to access but it within the directories and the Nomad app will not drill into and find the file i am looking for.

Not sure what to do... My current workaround is to go into dropbox and duplicate or move the file i want up to the root level to access.

any help would be great,

AND if anyone within VW see's this, Feature Request to fix please!


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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee
Would like to be able to open pdfs in nomad from either iCloud, google drive, and /or one drive. Seems like it only works with dropbox for some reason.

We have to explicitly use the API provided by a particular cloud storage service in order for it to work with Cloud Services, DropBox was picked first because 1) it is cross platform and 2) Has a large user base already.

I would not be surprised to see more storage options added in the future, but we have to actively implement it on our end.

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