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On 2/5/2018 at 2:28 PM, MRD Mark Ridgewell said:

...just downloaded the free 'frames' plug-in from AFDesign...




A very nice tool; simple, easy to use. Does exactly what you'd like it too - albeit I did have to look up the meaning of passepartout :)

Definitely recommend it if you want to show artwork in 3d...will be checking out the 'baseboard' plug-in for sure!


A 'plug' for a plug-in; if you need to create framed artwork or mirrors, just updated and now even easier to use!

Baseboard plug-in also worth a look

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@VinceCastanonHi, attached is update file. to change the line (geometry) simply right click on the object and edit control geometry. either move the line or draw another and delete the old one, 2d or 3d. Textures still appear to change when move or redo the script so i would ungroup the final product and then it becomes a simple extrude along path object and change textures in the OIP.




EAP+Texture v2019 v2016.vwx

EAP+Texture v2019.vwx

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