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Texture problems

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Having issues with textures stay on objects. I add a texture to an abject and all is well, but later when I look at my whole rendering, a lot of the textures I placed on objects are missing and they are back to the class default. This includes textures in symbols.

The last time I tried to fix it, when looking at a front elevation in Open GL, I selected the object that was not getting the texture - the Render menu indicated that it still had the texture on it, but it wasn't rendering, so I just selected the texture again in the render menu. The object then just completely disappeared! It was going in wireframe too. So re-applying the texture when made the object delete?

What's going on? I have re-started VW several times. Keeps happening with the same objects.


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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

I would contact tech support directly so they can take a look at the file.

Often the geometry is missing a fill.

With symbols the texture is not applied to the symbol container it must be applied to the geometry inside of the symbol.

If you are not paying attention the texture and other attributes can be applied by class and appear to change or not change depending on how they are applied.

Without seeing the file all anyone can do is guess.

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