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adding non-geometric information to ifc non-standard elements

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still lacking the possibility to have roofs with components (i know, it'll come in v2016), but it's not restricted to the roofs, just to all newly created non-standard elements, then assigned to ifc entities.

the trouble is with the materials assignment, and apparently also the thickness of the elements. i'm talking mainly about extrudes, which are automatically exported to ifc without material nor dimensions (an example enclosed).

does anybody know where is the proper place to insert this information? is it in further ifc psets, in the oip, or in additional record sets?

thx in advance,


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Okay, a place to start is attaching the Material Pset in the IFC Data Dialogue. It exports the material name, but not the thickness. However, the thickness can be found under the quantities tab.

How much does this help?

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thanks, i've actually hoped to have to deal with the psets, and not with the record formats. my favourite place (more natural, as in the case of dimensions - why would i insert a dimension, it's just already there, in the object) would be oip, though.

but if i have to live with the pset entries, then so be it.


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