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Labeling Plant Material


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Hi Thom,

The Place Plant tool, in combination with the ID Label tool provides this feature. First, use the Place Plant tool with the Place multiple plants option checked. Then place your plants that you want to be labeled together. These are placed in a group with a record attached to the group and the total number of plants. Next, use the ID label, drawing a leader from one of the plants in the plant group. The quantity displayed is the total reported in the group record.

This is detailed on page 5-16 to 5-19 of the manual.


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When creating large ground cover beds - 50, 100 plants or more I will often times place one symbol and wrap the bed with a polyline and tile the symbol or place 6 - 10 symbols in a pattern and use the copy command to place them faster. If I selected all the similar symbols and grouped them, should the ID command label them. I have not been able to get this to work.

thksThom confused.gif" border="0

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