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Bilingual/Multilingual user interface

Art V


Would it be possible to have a language selection option for localised versions of Vectorworks with the tools using that language too when showing information instead of only the language of the localised version.

For example, when using coordinate markers in the Dutch Vectorworks version it uses N, O, Z, W instead of N, E, S , W for Northing, Easting etc.

Something similar happens with the naming of road classes.

This is hardcoded into the tool but it is a nuisance when working with non-Dutch clients or drawings that need to be in English for whatever reason.

Using the International English version is not always an option if you also need to adhere to local (e.g. Dutch) conventions.

Having the option to select another language for the user interface (and tools), i.e. English in my case, would solve this.

I know there is a "translation list" in Vectorworks in the localised Dutch version to translate the English wording into the local language and vice-versa for opening it in an English version of Vectorworks but unfortunately I cannot choose to use the English wording as a default instead of the local language when I want to.

Or even better, have the option to use "language files" to change the user interface and tools language so that you can use the clients language if you are using a different language yourself. This assuming that the local distributors have a similar "translation list" that could be shared between the various localised versions of Vectorworks.

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Thanks Jim,

Another reason for having the option to use the English language user interface is that it would also be quite useful to use online tutorials etc. for Vectorworks as most of these are in English.

Yes where the biggest problem is that you have the name of that English tool but have no idea what it would be in your current language.

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Yes where the biggest problem is that you have the name of that English tool but have no idea what it would be in your current language.

At least for the Dutch version the menus are identical to the English version for the same items. So at times I "only" need to count the menus and items, e.g. third menu from the left, second item from the top. :-)

In the long run this is a bit frustrating though.

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I'm using Vectorworks 2015 in Japanese and I wish I could change the language to English. I've been using Vectorworks since its MiniCAD version so I kind of just figure out where the usual commands are; and a knowledge of Japanese also helps of course. What frustrates me are the new commands and features. Thanks for the video tutorials, they help me a lot. My company asked about changing the language to English but the local distributor said that there was no way to do this. (T_T)

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