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Partial "Use at Creation"

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Is there way to have only part of a class's attributes assert themselves when you create new objects? I have a class that has specific attributes - line thickness, opacity, and arrow markers - and I want to use all of that, but I don't want it to assert the color. I want to be able to drop lines that have all of the characteristics in the class attributes, but I want them to be whatever color that I have actively selected.

I know I can go back after I've created all of the lines and change the color, but this seems like something I should be able to do more easily.


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No, what hippothamus was trying to say is that you should set the class attributes to what you need them to be and for the line colour you could set it to e.g. the most used colour.

Then in the object attributes panel set the attributes to use class attributes.

When you want to use a new line colour set the line colour in the attributes panel to the colour you want before starting to draw a new object.

That way it will use all class attributes except the one you changed in the attributes palette (the line colour in your case) as that one will override the automatic class attribute when creating a new object. It will then use this new line colour for all new objects until you change the colour again to another colour or set it back to use the class properties.

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Yes, "use at creation" should not be selected for a class otherwise it will override manual settings in the the attributes palette.

However, for all attributes to automatically apply except for the one you want to change from time to time you should set the attributes palette to "refer attributes to class" (hope I got the translation back into English correct) and change the line colour.

Then every new object you draw will apply all class attributes except the one you have manually changed (i.e. the line colour in your case) until you change the attribute property again after which the latest change will apply to all new objects.

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