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Leader and Trailer Fields Should Respect Dimension Unit Standards



Please make it such that the leader and trailer field for dimensions respect the "Fractional Display for Dimensions" setting in Document Settings/Units.

We sometimes enter a fraction in the leader or trailer field, and the fraction displays differently than another dimension right next to it that has no leader or trailer.

For example, the fraction 1/2" entered in a leader field looks completely different than the fraction in 1'-4 1/2" if your Fractional Display for Dimensions is set to "Diagonally Stacked". One of them displays a Diagonally Stacked Fraction Style and the other displays as a Standard Fraction Style. It looks inconsistent.

Shouldn't anything written in a dimension leader or trailer field use the same preferences as any other dimension?

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Yes that would be nice indeed. Fortunately I don't need to use fractions that often and ever less as a pre- or suffix text but when used it should be possible to have a consistent display of fraction styles.

AutoCAD automatically recognizes stacked text when using the forward slash for a fraction and then stacks it in the predefined way with the possibility to override/undo the stacking. Vectorworks could implement something similar.

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

Agreed, I think most useful would be an option that let you choose whether you wanted the leader/trailer to adhere to the fractional display standard, as I have seen users put strange things in the lead/trail fields on occasion and having it always FORCE a certain type of fractional display would also be problematic.

Submitting request now.

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