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Resources palette - a step backwards?

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The old resources palette used to give us access to all the standard resources. Now, to get to hatches, I have to open the hatches file. Supposedly I can add that to my "favorites" using the "add current to favorites" command under the "favorites menu," but I can find neither the command nor the menu in the Workspace Editor. Take us back to the old browser!

VWA 10.1

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In the RB, where it says Files and Folders -

Click on the arrow button to the right of that.

Select Add New Favorites Files.

In the Open dialog box, go to the VW folder, Resources folder. The hatches.mcd file is in the resources folder.

I've put in requests and suggestions for the RB wtih the engineers.

One feature is to access the resources of a file without having to add it to the Favorites List.

Often times, you don't want a file open or want it added to the favorites list eternally, to just access a resource in that file once or twice in it's lifetime.

Also, the ability to organize the files in the favorites list.

Currently, the draw back with the Favorites list is you add everything in one big comprehensive list.

If you only have the core product and renderworks textures, this is not that big of a deal. However, when you have the Industry Collection itwh all the symbol library files and textures, it can be a chore to find the library file you want.

My suggestion was to allow the user to put folders in the Favorites list. YOu'd use something similar to the Top Level folder within a libary folder to navigate thru the different folders storing the different subject library files.

If you have any additional suggestions on ways to improve the RB, please post them here as I can take this information straight to the engineer.

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Katie, I now it isn't easy fielding daily complaints so I want you to know that your tireless efforts are genuinely appreciated.

Now, for my complaint...actually a suggestion!

A small but logical (to me) improvement to the RB would be to activate the insertion mode from the browser list with one click and the editing mode with a double-click?rather being limited to accessing the editing function via the pull-down menu only.


Robert Gyori

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