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Workgroup referencing: File Locations

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What are the ramifications of having Workgroup referencing us relative paths as opposed to Hard paths?

What I mean is this, currently if you have a folder A with files 1,2,3,&4 in it, and there is some reference between those files, the path is stored as computer/folder such&such/some other folder/Folder A/File 1

Isn't there a way to do it relatively where in the instance above the path would simply be File 1, and if it was in a different folder ../Folder B/File 1.1 (insert your own systems version of directory traversing) Web pages do this all the time.

Even if it were a checkbox for Relative vs hard coded paths so you could make at the very least files that will always stay in the same folder will have relative paths so one can move things easily, say into an archive folder...

just a thought

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I think this is less a VW issue as it is a system issue. The question is confusing but I think you're asking that the path be arranged so that is the referenced file is moved, the target file will always find it. I think that's alot to ask. What we do with WG refs is always set them to manual update. That way whenever a target file is opened, there is no delay, or fussing, updating the referenced file. We have that control. And if the referenced file is moved, we can find it using the dialog box only one time. Works well for us. Hope this is a close answer....

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Sorry about the confusion.

Ok in web design, you can have a folder called myPages. In myPages you can have a folder called myImages. When Page1, contained in myPages loads you can have that page assume that there is a folder called myImages in its parent folder.

What this means is if it wants image1 it doesn't care where on the computer it is, it only looks in the myImages folder that is in the same folder Page1 is in, myPages.

This further means that I can move the myPages folder to any place on the computer, or for that matter onto any other computer, and I don't have to re-link Page one to Image1. As long as I don't move/rename/delete a referenced item in myImages life will be good.

How I feel that this is related to Workgroup referencing is this:

I have a folder called Job1, there are the usual list of files in it. Site, Floor Plan, Reflected Ceiling Plan, Roof Plan, Enlarged Floor plan. So if the Site plan references the Floor Plan, I would like, at least the option, of having VectorWorks know that the Floor Plan is in the same folder, This means if the Server is rebuilt or someone wants to put a job on a portable device and work at a remote location w/o internet access or a job goes from the active folder to the permitted folder I don't have to go through and re-link multiple files on multiple jobs, so that the references continue to work.

I don't want this to be the only option, as there might be a title block, details what ever that are somewhere else that a whole path may be required for. It is just that usually the majority of files in a job that are referenced together usually are in the same parent folder.

It would just save some time.

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The option to use relative file paths would be very useful as most of our clients using wkgp refs also organise their files within a single project folder on the file server.

Relative file paths would allow the moving of an entire project to another partition or server without loss of Wkgp refs.

It would more than save time , it would make VW more applicable to large projects and larger offices.

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A hearty 2nd the motion.

If you have an office working on a file server and the server needs to be replaced you're probably talking about an extra 2-3 hours per project to re-establish the referenced links.

If you have someone that wants to take the project folder with them and work for the weekend you're also talking huge time wasted.

Please push this issue up the ladder.


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