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worksheet query in one layer

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I have a worksheet that generates a list of lengths and heights of curtains from the softgoods tool. Because the curtains exist in a symbol the worksheet keeps listing every curtain twice or however many times the symbol is instanced in the file.

I would like to isolate the query to just one layer, but when I "add criteria" nothing happens. I assume this is some syntax error on my part.

How do I insert a filter for just one layer in a worksheet database criteria?

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1. Edit the worksheet

2. Goto the worksheet Edit menu and make sure Database Headers is checked

3. Right Click in the database row header (i.e. 3, not 3.1, 3.2, etc).

4. Choose Edit Criteria

5. Click the More Choices button at the bottom left of the Criteria window.

6. Set the criteria to the layer you are interested in.

Click OK.

Let us know if this helps or if you need more information.

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Totally helps. I feel like I'm missing a manual somewhere for worksheets.

If I wanted to put a sum total of those curtain lengths at the bottom of the spreadsheet...how do I do that? (they show up as cells 2.1 thru 2.5)

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The sum should automatically show in the database header row for each column.

You can show that elsewhere on the worksheet (in case the database header is hidden) using a formula like =B2

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I get the sum (count) of items. That is, I show 8 when there are 8 drapes that show up. But the lengths of each drape are not added up.

It's like I want to take all 8 cells in the database and AutoSum them at the bottom.

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Can you either attach the file (preferablly a stripped down version with only the worksheet and a few curtains)?

If not, can you show us exactly what formulas you have in each column of the database header?

In the 8 sub rows does any column show the length of the drape for that row?

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You get the Count because the field you have chosen (TTLSGLngth) is formatted as text not a number.

Two options. I don't know enough about Soft Goods to know which is better. I will see if I can get Andrew to chime in.

1. Use a different field. It appears that 'SoftGoods 2'.'AdjustableLength'

gives the same value as a number. Those will sum properly to the top of the column. If there truly is a field that has the numeric value this is the best option.

2. Change the formula to =value('SoftGoods 2'.'TTLSGLngth'). This will get you a number, but you will lose the unit marker. You can then select the column and use the Format - Cells menu command to set the formatting to Dimension (instead of General) and you are back close to what you want.

You could also leave the formula in column 2 as is and add an additional column with a formula of =Value(B2) and this will give you a numeric column. You can then format that if necessary.

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Grant -

First off, in the "Criteria" dialog, add a filter for "Record" "SoftGoods 2" "is present." That will restrict display to SoftGoods 2 objects only.

2 things to try:

1) Change your header filter to "=VALUE('SoftGoods 2'.'TTLSGLngth')." That will, as Pat said, strip out units so you'll have to reformat the header cell (by right-clicking on it and selecting "Format Cells...") to "Dimension." The header cell will then display the sum of the lengths.

2) If your Symbols are all single runs of straight sections (confirmed by "Adjustable Length" being visible and enabled), change the field you're displaying to from "TTLSGLngth" to "AdjustableLength" and reformat the header cell (by right-clicking on it and selecting "Format Cells...") to "Dimension." The header cell will then display the sum of the lengths.

One of those should give you what you want.

Does that help??

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They do. I've been able to generate a "drape schedule" which is quite helpful.

Thanks guys.

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