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Split Tool - Line Split Mode on Closed Polygon

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Today I used a closed polygon and Extrude Along Path to create a wainscot around a hotel ballroom. Then I wanted to Split the extrude so I could remove the wainscot from the doorways.

When I used a closed polygon as my path, I could not split the extrude. If I went back and opened the polygon I could then split the extrude as required.

Not sure if this behaviour is a bug or not, but it seems counterintuitive to need to have an open polygon in order to edit the resulting extrude.

As always, I am open to alternative methods, as somebody always has a faster and easier way to achieve these tasks.


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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

I do not see this behavior, I am able to use a variety of open and closed polygons as path objects in test Extrude Along Path objects here without issue and splitting by line works as expected.

Please post the EAP that wont let you split it and I can take a look. It can be in a new file on its own, as long as the issue still happens there.

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Split by Line has to completely cross the object. With a closed polygon, that means that you have to go across two sides.

What you want to be able to do is use two cuts to slice a portion of the poly out. This works on an open poly because it crosses the entire object.

I don't know of a way to do what you are trying to do if you want to make the cuts and keep all of the pieces. If you are willing to lose the cut area, you could make a 3D trimming object and to a Subtract Solids.

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Thanks to you both.

I basically recreated the polygon of the entire room perimeter but did not close the last short section. This allowed me to "slice" out where the wainscot crossed openings and needed to be removed. I then just repeated the extrude process for that last short "open" segment and I got what I needed. I can also mitre sections that would normally have a return to the wall.

Interesting learning today.



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