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lighting anomaly


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For some reason there is a weird lighting pattern showing up on the floor in my rendering. I cannot figure out what the problem is. It is there when zoomed out but when the camera is closer it is not there. The last time I saw something similar to this it was a stray locus point but there are none in this one. I've attached two files, one zoomed out which shows the dark patches with light circles and the other one is zoomed in and the floor is fine. Can anyone offer suggestions? It would be appreciated :)

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

This can happen when you have planar 2D object present, often when they are coplanar with a 3D surface.

I believe this can be fixed in viewports by disabling Project Screen Objects, or Display Planar Objects. On the design layer directly, I believe you have to enable Unified View and then disable screen objects, but I may be remembering that part incorrectly.

If none of that changes your rendering, please let me know and I can taker a closer look at your file.

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I had this too from time to time.

I also thought about intersecting surfaces. But did not find any.

I had 3D solids only anyway. Everything looked correct.

The strange Dots are the samples of the C4D GI engine.

I thought this is too less geometry calculation resolution, if the camera

is very far and f.e. only 5 cm Floor Object on the Slab.

Just like surfaces that are only some millimeters in front of a wall, and will

sometimes disappear or sucked by the wall if they are far from the Camera.

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Wow, Nice kitchen looks real, where have you sourced all the equipment from? If you don't mind letting out some of your secrets.

By the way if you set your lights to not cast shadows you can have the light without al the shadows and set a few selective ones to cast shadows.

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