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Counting Stage Decks and Legs

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Hi All,

I'm trying to get my head round symbols reports and generating items. I'm trying to create the below:

1. Report that counts stage legs in a stage deck and counts amount of decks.

2. Lists each stage deck size and legs needed (various sizes 8'x4' 8'x'2 etc)

3. Lists Size of legs needed specified by user, i.e all decks are on 300mm legs.

4. Leg size specified would automatically create the right size legs for each deck, without having to redraw the legs etc.

I've had some basic experience with scripting and understand that the drawing stage legs for a user input size would need to be a script but I'm not sure where to start.

I'm struggling to make the report work for decks I've drawn with legs already, it lists the deck but not the legs, or lists the amounts but no names or types.

Any help would be really appreciated.



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Easiest method to "Count" anything is to make every item that you want to appear on an inventory list as a Symbol. Even if there is a single instance of that item.

Name the Symbols logically, so that the items appear (alpha - numerical) together in the Worksheet, if you want to count them together. ie: Deck Section 96x48 black, Deck Section 96x24 black etc

The Worksheet will list all the Symbols. The "summation" option will then group identical instances together. I will post a ready made Worksheet that counts symbols. Peter

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I frequently find it convenient to make symbols out of other symbols. In this case a set of 'deck' objects and legs of various lengths. Then assemble them into commonly used configurations. This way you can count an entire stage without having to place every leg independently.

This has a limited version, and a couple of different counting worksheets.


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