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Isolate Object command

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@Boh Yes there is a miscellaneous



From there clicked on Edit script and typed in the following, is this correct?



@Sam Jones I am in the Workspace Editor, but have no clue what to do there..... (I do not understand your second printscreen with Tape Preferences at all).




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Expand “All menus” On the left hand side of the workspace editor window then see if there is a “Miscellaneous” category as that is where the plugin editor filed it.


Hopefully the new command will be in there. (If not restart Vectorworks and then look again), Expand your workspace on the right side of the workspace editor and drag the Hide command ftom the left side of the workspace editor to the menu in the right side of the editor where you want the command to be available from. Probably in the object context menu (Bottom of list) so it is available when you right click on an object.


Let is know if you’re still having probs. Cheers.

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So in my workspace I can use the new tool 'Hide Selected'.

I would like to a make 3D view of object A only (not a section cut of a side view by using the clip cube) to place unto the sheet layer.

But ones I make a view port the hidden objects in front reappear...


Does anyone have a idea if this is possible or how to work around this, please?



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