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Resize object from point or center, symmetrical or non



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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

Completely agree, this may be a good set of functions to include in the "Scale Tool" that we submitted awhile back, that would let you set a widget location to determine the scaling center, with planar translation and axial scaling options. (Think the Deform tool UI but more full-featured.)

Adding the second part as a request for reshaping rectangles specifically.

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It is ironic that some items can be created from the center and reshaped from the center ... Circle, Rectangle, while a Line can be created from the center, just not reshaped from the center ... with the cursor that is.

The circle is a given based on its geometry. The Rectangle resizes from the center if the command key is held. This would be great if it served the same "resize from center" function on any shape.(See Claris CAD 1994) If the Rectangle is actually a Polygon of the same exact shape, the reshape from center does not work.

The Fixed Point resize tool, however, offers some options. For the "rectangular" Polygon, it will reshape from center after you identify the center. ie:locating the intersection of the appropriate mid points. Finding the center of a "rectangular" Polygon is often an impossible process. Workaround: Cut and paste, onto another object, one with a known midpoint. Use that midpoint as a reference with the Fixed Point resize tool.

For a Line, the Fixed Point resize tool "gets stupid". It will resize the line from center, only if the line is other than vertical or horizontal. Really not sure why this is ... Peter

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