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Hey all

I am constructing a 3D model of an electric guitar. I originally used a curved polyline to create the body shape, worked fine, extruded fine, etc. Recently I tried to blend edges - no go, even a 1mm radius is too large. So I tried constructing the body with arcs (which would also assist with dimensioning process later on) and using the Compose command...confusing, a pain in the bum, no luck either...was just a mess.

Any idea on how I can do this - it is not merely a matter of being able to use Blende Egde - it is just trying to find the most efficient way to do the body of the guitar. I fear i've taken too much upon myself [smile]

Also, is there any way to edit things like solid subtractions after the process has been completed (like, say, the depth of a hole in a cube that was created by Solid Subtraction).

Thanks for any help [smile]



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you can edit solid substraction with edit group command (in organize), or just doubleclick it if you have vw 10. you can also edit the 2d base of an extusion this way. this is one of my favorite features of vectorworks.

the blend edge tool is a bit iffy. Once you blend an edge on an object, you can no longer use the edit group command. And, as you discovered, often it won't work at all, even when the geometry seems as though it should allow it.

i would go with the polyline for the body too. it helps sometimes to use a few lines and "clip surface" to cut the shape into smaller parts before extruding. make those cuts at the "top" of your curves. after you extrude, blend edges, etc you can add the solids back together.

good luck

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