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how to EXPORT a vector PICT ?

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As far as I can understand the CLARIS CAD can

export a PICT file as vector and not as a bitmap

Is there a way to export a file as PICT in vector and NOT bitmap in VECTORWORKS?

PLEASE HELP ME...It's most important

for my job as I am a new user in MAC (PowerBook G4)

thanks, sotos... [smile]

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I'm afraid it's not possible. Can you use other formats (like EPSF)? The support for vector PICTs was ever good or broad. Apart from Apple/Claris, everyone considered it as a raster format. Can't really remember what Claris CAD (and the Claris CAD Translator) did, but what you say seems likely. What you can then do with the vector PICT is another story.

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Thanks Petri [smile]

I am a Civil Engineer(static-dynamic analysis on buildings) (34yrs) and after six months of work I have discovered a method of transferring CAD files only (no matter the operating system..mac 8.6 Mac-osx win98 xp etc...) in which the TEXTS and HATCHES cannot be altered.

This means that you can TRANSLATE a GREEK text CAD drawing on MAC to a German Text CAD drawing in Windows XP in AutoCad without MESSING UP anything.

So, far only CLARIS CAD is efficient in this chain of producing these CAD drawings.

The problem is that VECTORWORKS which is newer and better didn't think of putting this VECTOR-PICT routine so we can send our drawings anywhere!

sotos :-)

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I'm not sure, but I think the clipboard stores objects copied in a sort of Vector-Pict format.

At least I think I did copy from VectorWorks and paste it in FreeHand some time ago.

Try cut & paste between VectorWorks and ClarisCAD.

I didn't get exactly wat you are doing but EPS seems a good idea too.

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