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Not able to snap to referenced items in viewports

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I have a strange problem that affects a few drawings, while others continue to work fine.

In some files, I have entire drawings referenced into the file as design layer viewports.

When in one of the design layers, I can snap to them fine. If I go into the sheet layer & create a viewport, I can no longer snap to them there. Lines that are drawn directly in my drawing (not part of the reference) still snap fine.

The only thing I have found which fixes the problem is to change the projection settings for the viewport in the layout to orthogonal, rather than 2d plan. This alters the appearance slightly though, so I need to change it back when I have finished dimensioning items.

I have compared the files that do not work to ones that do & can not obviously see any settings that are different.

Any suggestions on what is happening here would be welcomed.

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What version of Vectorworks are you using (including the service pack) and on what operating system? If you create a signature similar to mine, this will make troubleshooting easier in the future.

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Did you ever find any resolution to this?


I'm having a similar problem. It appears to be when the referenced objects are part of a group, I can't snap to say the junction of two lines. If I go back to the original file and ungroup, then update the reference, the snap starts working.

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On 04/10/2016 at 4:23 AM, Asemblance said:

It appears to be when the referenced objects are part of a group, I can't snap to say the junction of two lines. If I go back to the original file and ungroup, then update the reference, the snap starts working.


Precisely my experience.


Echoing the first post, viewports of viewports also struggle with object selection and snapping.

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Any resolution to this? I'm experiencing this issue now. It seems rotated top plan loses snap capability in dlvp's.

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As an update, we are still having the exact same problem in 2018.


Sometimes re-inserting the reference fixes the problem temporarily - other times it doesn't


Other forum posts mention similar issues, but they don't have a solution that works (at least not for us).




Some of the drawings are new ones entirely created in 2018. They are close to the origin, because they have been created in a blank template with no survey data used.


To replicate:

1. Create drawing with some lines in and save.

2. Create another drawing and insert the first as a reference.

4. Change the view rotation angle.

5. Snapping no longer works to the referenced drawing.


If it works at this stage, rotate the view angle a few more times. At some point snapping will stop working, although if you rotate back to zero it will work again.

Snapping to other items in the file (not the reference) still works fine.

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If like myself you're a beginner scrolling through the page: try to update All Viewports (I have a shortcut key but I wish there was a shorcut for this similar to the "refresh" button on Internet Explorer). I've learned this routine to be the key for the snapping tool.


Also, make sure Single Object Interactive Scaling Mode is on; Snap to Object is on; Layer Options is Show/Snap Others and Class Options is Show/Snap/Modify Others.


I had other issues before with the Snap tool in a different file but it was related to slab objects only: (see link) - if anyone knows what caused it, it's difficult for me to understand what is the cause of most of the issues I experience with VW. It's like: one minute everything is working, and then without changing any settings next time I open the file things go weird.



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