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choosing a set of design layers

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is it possible in vectorworks to choose a certain set of design layers to be visible (like in archicad)?

i have some 35 drawing layers in my current project and it's a pain in the ass to choose all layers i want to see for a particular view, like a model perspective or 2d drawings.

for instance: i have for each storey design layers with 3d elements that don't appear in 2d views, and 2d descriptions that are not supposed to be visible in 3d views.

as for now i differentiate the colour appearance in the organisation dialog, but i have to choose all of them manually for different purposes.

does anybody have a clue how to automatise it?



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35 drawing (assume design) layers seems like a lot for any drawing, classes yes, maybe you are using layers when you should be using classes. The viewports will also save your sets, but saved views is great, just make sure you resave after you have altered anything.

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i actually know how to set up a saved view.

the only thing was my inability to recognise the power of its appearance. i simply thought of a sv as of a fixed screenshot, no more editable and not updatable.

so thanks for the enlightenment :)


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