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Symbol location linked to record formats

Benjamin Weill



This is a question that I posted earlier to the "general discussions" forum. But I thought this would also be a good place to post it as well, because if this isn't already a thing, it would be great to have it become one:


Does anyone know if it's possible to have a record format populate from a symbol's location? for example, I have a symbol in my template file for a line set schedule, that is itself made up multiple instances of another symbol for each individual line set. The individual lineset symbol has a record that lets me fill in it's distance from plaster line, it's line set number and what's on it. Is it possible to have the record for the distance from PL auto populate with the symbol's "Y" coordinate? That way I don't have to type it in twice whenever I set up a lineset schedule for a new venue - once in the symbol's "Y" coordinate field, and again in the record's "dist from PL" field.


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