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6/6 double-hung window sash

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Hello Everyone,

Problem: 2D drawing elevation drawing of a double-hung window.

Drawing an elevation of a 6/6 double-hung window elevation with each sash having muntin bars that have a grille pattern of 3 horizontal and 2 vertical (resulting in each sash having 6 glass panels) Each muntin bar is 3/4-inches in width.

Having drawn the window elevation and trying to create the muntin bar/grille pattern...I calculated the spacing mathematically and subtracted the total muntin bar width to place the muntin bars, as required to acheive equal glass panels in the window sash...yes I know, this is one way (labor intensive and tedious).

I understand that there is a Vectorworks tool that allows you to draw one 3/4-inch wide muntin bar and then select the number required to be placed, as required, to achieve equal glass panels.

Is anyone familiar with this tool and procedure?

Thank you,


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Since we don't know what version of Vw you are using, if you search the Vw2015 help file for "Window Settings: Muntins Pane" you should be able to find what you're looking for.

Unless you NOT using the Window PIO and are just drawing with 2d objects.

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As Tim says, the Window Tool will easily create this configuration. Further, even if you are (still) drawing the elevation manually in 2d, you can still use the Window Tool to get what you're after. If you create the window, then go to Front View, then Convert to Polygons (or Convert to Group, I think) you can group the result, then Copy and Paste it into your elevation.

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You can pick...Don't like the proportions??? Windows are fully parametric - muntins will stay at 3/4" (or whatever size you want)

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