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Export to image on a loop

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Hello, hope everyone is doing good today, beautiful weather in NY, not too hot, not too humid.

I had a question regarding the export image file process. It does not save the file but rather comes back to the export image file window so that it never end up saving the image. Kind of annoying and useless...

Any idea?

Thank you all

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Have found that sometimes it can take a while to save the image depending on the complexity of the file you are exporting. Also check the location to where you are exporting. Make a simple box and try exporting the image file. If it does not work within a few seconds you got a problem. The image does not show after creating one, you have to go find it and open.


Ps lovely day here in Florence Italy.

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

If it looks back to the export dialog that can often indicate the export was unable to write to the desired location. The above post's advice is sound, attempt to export a simpler file and attempt to export the same file to a different location to see if the behavior changes.

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

Only if Vectorworks "understands" the reason for the failure. For instance if I make a folder here Read Only and then try to export to it, I get an error that writing to that location isnt possible. In some network setups, broken user accounts, improperly configured domains etc, it will simply bounce back.

I have asked about this and other scenarios (Fillet radii too small/large, stair heights impossible, self intersecting solids to name a few) where a more verbose and useful error message might take place, but apparently it is more complex than it would appear to trigger meaningful errors in these situations. It isn't that it is not possible, just that if it comes across something that it never did during testing, it may as well spout out "Something bad happened and I don't know what it was."

I file them all individually as I come across repeatable cases, if any of you come across repeatable ones that we are able to replicate in-house, they can be cleaned up and given proper errors. The trick is being able to replicate issues specific to a network or user account setup outside the norm.

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