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does it exist additional documentation for the "UndoOFF" procedure more than

http://developer.vectorworks.net/index.php/VS:UndoOff ?

My plugin take some time to regenerate so I use "Progress Dialog" to have visual feedback. If I put UndoOFF (after Begin) my plugin regenerate 2 times: when the progressbar end, it restart one more time.

Without UndoOFF it works correctly, but I need it to reduce memory use.

Thanks for your help!

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I tried everything, it's probably a bug. if you try this simple code in a linear object plugin, when it regenerates with undooff you will receive the alert message twice, if you delete undooff it will works correctly (only one alert).

Any workaround?





ovaln(0,0,0,1,1m,1m); {draw a circle}

alertinform('Plugin regenerated!','',false);



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I finally found a workaround, if someone is interested:

1) SetMaximumUndoEvents(0);

2) execute script

3) restore maximum undo events

:) end of monologue

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I am not certain that it is an UndoOff issue, but it might be a PIO issue. I can't find it in my email history, but I think that the script of a PIO has to run multiple times when it is first placed into a drawing. I think it has something to do with going in with the default values and then updating to use the actual parameters. Hopefully someone else will be able point this out.

I made a linear PIO out of your script and got the multiple regenerations. I then commented out the UndoOff and got the same result.

If your work around is doing what you need then that is great. I don't have another work around.

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Pat is right. The first time you create each pio it runs twice.

I think the event constant is named OnFirstRegen or something similar, followed by the Recalculate event.

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Thank you, I will try to get more info about this. But if I don't use undooff I get only one regen, not two.

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