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2D Polygon Tool:Vertex Mode

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When I'm using VW v2015, I notice when I'm drawing or tracing a 2D polygon and using the 2D Polygon Tool:Vertex Mode that the sensitivity of the single mouse clicks to the trace points is more reactive than v2014. As in: it finishes the operation too soon...I am tracing over an object of multiple vertices and I can't finish the whole trace-around before the tool essentially double clicks to complete the operation well short of my finishing the trace around.

I've check my system preferences of my USB cabled mouse and the double click is set at the lowest Double-Click Speed.

I'm being incredibly careful to only click once at the desired vertex on my way around, still without any pattern somewhere along the way the operation of the tool 'completes' before I've finished.

This mouse oversensitivity doesn't happen when I'm using VW v2014, so I'm having an issue truly switching over to VW v2015.

Hopefully this make sense to someone and has a setting adjust or work-around

I thank you for your time

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I've experienced similar - click too close to previous click and the poly completes. I always thought it happened because final click is inside the snap radius. No particular change from vwx version to version.

I may have also experienced the described "auto complete" but just shrugged it off as my own ineptness. Will look for it and try to document in future.


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