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Boom Ladders and vertical positions

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I had a Canadian guy call me at 8:00am on a holiday (not post a comment or email--but a phone call!) asking me to do a tutorial on Vertical lighting positions. So I start messing around with Plot/Model view thinking I can pull something together in a few minutes. Yikes what a nightmare. So I go to the help--as usual no help. Next the WWW trying to find some documentation on what is a very common thing on a light plot and I can find next to nothing.

I mean I can get it to work with Plot/Model but it is so confusing and tricky I must be missing something. How can something this common be so difficult?

Mr Earlybird wants to hang lights on a vertical truss and generate 3D light info--not just a 2D plot. A perfectly reasonable request.

I want to help this guy but I'd like to know what I'm talking about more before I make a vid. There must be something somewhere for this extremely reasonable question.

Can anybody point me (us) toward any resources that can shed some light on vertical lighting positions.

Thanks Sean

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Sean -

I model these sorts of things a lot and have found Design Layer ViewPorts to be the key. Once I got my head around them, I've found them to be second-nature.

You might want to give this thread a read: https://techboard.vectorworks.net/ubbthreads.php?ubb=showflat&Number=206122#Post206122. It includes some sample VW models that should be helpful.

Also, while this covers a lot more than what you're asking, you might find this helpful, as-well: http://www.landrudesign.com/Webinar2014FollowUp.htm.

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