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Endless File Name V2014 V2015 etc when opening in newer versions

Paul O


Desperately need an option to get rid of the ridiculous / endless file renaming. Every time I upgrade VW I either have to waste time renaming / saving hundreds of files or end up with folders full of files with endless / repetitive versions strung on the end every time I open one. PLEASE SORT THIS OUT... (or point me in the right direction if this option already exists - I can't find it).

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Also, If you open an older version file in a new version, when the dialog pops up telling you the file will be converted and open with a new name, click on the "Settings" button and set it to keep the original file name with the "New File".

This will keep it from appending the version on the new file, but it will append the old file with the old version number instead.

Once you set this to "New File" I believe it holds that setting until you change it again.

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