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Sheet Layer Shrinkage

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Please help!! I have no idea what I hit, but My 'Roof Framing' sheet layer shrunk and I have no idea how to get it back to the original size. All my other sheets are formatted correctly. I went to publish the set and all I see on that sheet is a speck in the middle of the sheet. If I zoom in on the sheet layer the arrows are super huge. Please help!! I'm sure it's probably an easy fix but I can't find it.

Thank you!!!

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It would really help to know what version of VW you have and what OS.

I remember this bug. it showed up occasionally in 2013 or 2014(?)

The fix is easy:

Zoom in on the viewport so you can click on it.

Double click it. Choose to edit the annotations.

As soon as you get into the annotation space, click the orange box (assuming you have a version with the orange box) to exit the edit annotation mode.

All should be well.

If you have 2015 please file a bug report.



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