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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

Pretty much, CPU is only extremely important for Renderworks renderings and then only for speed, not quality or anything like that. If rendering is taking up huge chunks of your day, then investing in a powerful CPU is important and worth the money.

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  • 3 months later...

These aren't bad.
Not because older Xeons would be better than newer Xeons, but just because there are 2 of them.
2 x 6 Core Xeons would be much less expensive than 1 x 12 Core Xeon in the nMac Pro.

And, while it is clear that the future are not CPUs but GPUs, which means nMac Pro is much better,
there is still not so many software really profiting from GPUs as it does from simple CPU (Rendering) today.

And the main reason why a lot of people keep their latest "old" Mac Pros is simply that they have a
NVidia option, while nMac Pro is AMD only so far. Like many also look for refurbished 2013 iMacs.
And most Render Software that uses a faster GPU Renderer like VRAY, Arnold, ... support CUDA only.
And CUDA is proprietary by NVidia and not available for AMD GPUs.
AMD uses, like propagated from Apple, OpenCL instead. Which unfortunately is seldom supported by
common Software and as it looks even poorly implemented and supported by Apple itself.
So in reality my both D700s will most of the time sit bored in my pretty black urn and usually won't
create much heat.

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

Xeons being inherently faster or slower than the i7 series isn't true, they are both a range of different CPUs and the specific model series and number would be needed to determine performance.

The best way to directly compare two CPUs for rendering is to find the same benchmark used for both in a comparison, both tested with Cinebench is the most accurate since Cinebench uses the exact engine that Renderworks does.

If you can get the exact model numbers for both I can normally find a comparison online and give you more accurate feedback.

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