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C. Andrew Dunning

Entertainment / Production Tools Updated!

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Happy May!

We've posted new versions of ALL of our Entertainment/Production-oriented tools and the Producer's Packs containing them. Several things go WELL BEYOND the usual tweaks, adjustments, and minor bug fixes:


- All of the tools now boast new, Retina-friendly, icons.

- Where appropriate, the tools now track Weight in both kilograms and U.S. pounds. The chosen drawing units will determine which Weight unit gets displayed.

- All of the tools now give you the ability to define the "Parts Classes Prefix" BEFORE toggling on "Class XXXX Parts."

VideoScreen 4:

- The record attached to each of the external Resources (televisions, projectors, and stands) has been expanded to include things like Weight and Television Screen Size.

- If you take advantage of the new television and projector models (We HIGHLY recommend replacing your old versions with the new...), suggested weight information will import along with the model geometry.

- The three projection tools include new aspects and resolutions.

- For all of the tools, you now have the option of hiding the labels for the various text elements (like simply showing the projection distance instead of "Lens to Screen (straight): 14'-4.8"").

- VS4 Projection now allows independent screen and projector aspects.

- The four tools that import external resources now let you pick more-easily from duplicate resources they find.

- For VS4 Television, if you take advantage of the new television models, overall screen size information imports along with the television case and can be displayed in your drawings.

- Offset calculations in the three projection tools have been adjusted and should now be much closer to values given by manufacturers' lens calculators.

Audio ToolSet 2:

- Previously-inserted instances and Library entries will update the previous "unitless" Weight values on-the-fly, allowing you to choose which unit had been intended when the objects were initially created.

- A new PIO, AudioBumper 2, has been added, allowing AudioArray 2 to create arrays that include multiple (transitional and pull-back) bumpers in addition to the "Parent"/"Master" bumpers.

- AudioArray 2 bumpers can now create extension bars - and can store their dimensions and layout in the Library.

- AudioArray 2 can now show rigging guides, marking potential insertion points for hoist Symbols and Plug-In Objects.

- With multiple AudioArray 2 instances selected, building arrays with non-matching configurations now works MUCH better.

- AudioArray 2's "Update" button now fixes loudspeaker and bumper alignment issues that might get introduced during model editing.

SoftGoods 2:

- Kabuki solenoid (or, automation node) placements can now be calcuated and displayed.

- End-markers can now be displayed.

- Battens can now be created - either in addition to or instead of traveler tracks.

- Boom-base size for Pipe-and-Drape runs can now be adjusted.

As in the past, these updates are offered free-of-charge to current tool license holders. Everyone else, see our VW Plug-Ins page for more info.

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