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Can't click on objects

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Having a bit of an emergency. I am unable to click on objects on a design I am working on right now. Is there something I may have accidentally clicked or selected to cause something like this to happen?

I noticed it first when adding labels to the plants on the design. Trying to click on a group of plants it simply could not be selected. I tried changing the layer options but nothing helps. The only way I can select plant groups is to do a drag box to select the entire group (including the label). At first I thought it was just the plants layer but then I went into hardscaping and noticed that I can't select anything at all in that layer. Not even using the drag method. Same for existing trees. Strangely the only layer that is working is the bottom draft layer that I created that is basically just the ground beneath the plan.

I have been known to accidentally turn things off or click things I am not supposed to so I am hoping that this is something obvious and someone will know exactly what I did wrong.

Help! I don't have time for this nonsense!

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Wow. OK I knew it was something stupid I had done. It WAS class options somehow set to show/snap (but not modify) others. I never use that feature. I only use layer options.

Fixed now. I noticed it when I went through all the classes turning them off and on to see if what Elite Exhibits had suggested was the problem.

I'm an idiot. I just go into full panic mode when I am behind on deadlines and something goes wrong. Thank you all for indulging me.

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This might help someone else, but I encountered a bug where I was unable to click on slab objects in the open GL mode.

The object was incredibly far from the origin point of the layer (like 100,00 feet away from 0,0). After moving the objects closer I was able to select my slab objects once again...



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