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Losing ability to snap

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I'm currently dimensioning objects, working within Annotations of Sheet Layer Viewports. The objects are Auto-Hybrids located on Design Layers. Every few minutes I lose the ability to snap to the geometry of the Auto-Hybrids; I can snap to existing dimensions, view labels, text, etc, but not the object itself.

Closing the file and re-opening solves the problem for a while...

Anyone else encounter this bug?

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If you watch the Knowledgebase Video on Auto Hybrids you see what (we assume …) VW wants you to use them for. We have found, that Auto Hybrids can have a visual size, and then an assumed size. (Top Plan View) If you click on a corner, as you see that it is the corner of the object, it may NOT select it as expected. If you select the Auto Hybrid and zoom out. With "Select Handles" on, you see a different location for the bounding geometry. Often some or all of these "point" is out in space. This may be more evident when the Auto Hybrid has been moved or rotated.

With strange geometry the Auto Hybrid has some logic, with simple geometry, it appears to have "issues". - Peter

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

If closing and re-opening fixes it, its very unlikely to be a setting.

It may be worth a preference backup and reset:


However, if its only happening in one file and the file has been around for a few versions, it could be mild corruption, but that's only if its just one document experiencing it.

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