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Tracing Image files to something usable!

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I am trying to trace fairly simple pictures (team logos, brands etc) that I can covert to lines and then send to a laser cutter. (Outlines of logos, etc).

When I trace the bitmap (despite playing with every setting) the trace element always gives 4 or so lines across the same trace point which means the laser cutter then takes that info and cuts the 4 lines, etc etc.

Is there a way to give the trace option more control? Can anyone explain why there is multiple lines across the trace path?

Moreso, if I convert the image to an EPS vector in Inkscape or whatever and import it, is there anyway to trace that EPS image instead? I ask this because a vectorised image always gives more precise lines, albeit lots of them over the same point.



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Only bitmaps allow tracing currently, I have submitted a number of requests that would allow for more control over the tracing system, as I run into the same problems regularly that you describe here.

Adding this thread to that request.

You can sometimes separate the multiple-traced lines by right clicking on one of the segments and choosing Select Connected objects, then moving that selection off to the side or use Modify > Compose on it, to try and get a single polygon or polyline, but it depends how well the trace action went.

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Thanks Jim, that is most helpful! I wasn't aware of the "Select Connect Objects" command. (I am fairly new to VW). Using what you have posted, I have come up with a usable method (which will pass, for now)!

I trace the bitmap, ungroup the lines. Select everything, "combine into surface". Fill the area with whatever colour is selected and move the solid out of the way. Delete the original trace lines. I think take the "surface", run "bezier spline smoothing" and then convert the solid back to lines. Works a treat and tidies up all the rough edges.

It would be better to have more control on things like trace and the bezier spline smoothing tool sets but for know, it will do!

I appreciate your prompt reply!



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