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Position Label Rotation and Class

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Hi all,

Anyone know if it's possible to rotate a position label on a Light Position Object?

In the attached example I want a result like Battern #2 but the only way to achieve that so far is with a text box. Battern #1 is the default.

Also is it possible for Light Position Object's Labels to be within a class so you can turn them on and off independent to the Position itself?



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I thought I might revive this thread... I, too, want to work with the auto-created label.

1. able to ROTATE the label

2. align to the Left or Right based on SR/SL of the pipe

3. create a "default" within Spotlight (I know, radical!)

It is very awkward and extremely time consuming to move and align each and every label. Especially in a house with a rep-hang and each show we have to add/subtract pipes, etc. Then you have to re-align each label again... one... at... a... time... ... !

It's a great tool; but reading thru the Forums, most turn it off as with @Benjamin_Weill. That's a shame!

Anybody have any ideas?

THX! Preston

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