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I have just upgraded from 2010 to 2015 and the storey at first appeared as an attraction. Now that I am actually starting using it and reading threads it appears far too complex.

I have a simple question [i can't find it in a search so forgive me if this has already been covered]. I am setting up a drawing template and would like to organise the drawing set up correctly as a template for future projects. Now I have set up sheets and layers and I have now moved onto stories. But when setting up storeys it automatically creates a new layer. I have some spent time setting up these layers based on floor levels and I want to avoid deleting these layers or adding more layers.

Or should I have set up storeys first?

Surely one can assign a storey level to a design level and visa versa? And then it automatically changes when the level of either changes?

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Guest Wes Gardner

@ Michael - I've sent you the Levels, Layers and Stories tutorial. This steps you through setting up levels and layers as well as shows you how to create a wall style that will interface with your model set up.

Keep in mind, you can choose to NOT use levels and stories. You'll just need to develop your wall styles to accommodate this methodology.

Here's a drop-box link to a video presentation that was recorded at the User Group here in Columbia in April 2015:



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What is the best way to set up a drawing using Stories for a project that has split levels? I have a VW client with a project where the addition to the first and second floor step down from the original house. Is it better to create separate stories for this offset or just use a "Z" offset for these areas? It seems like a common problem so there may already be an answer out there. Any guidance is appreciated.



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